Did the Groom even look at the Invite List?

The Guest List by Lucy Foley

Finished: 21st November 2020

Rating: ***

Set on an isolated island off the coast of Ireland, guests gather for Jules and Will’s wedding day. With past grudges and uncovered secrets threatening to ruin the day, one guest will not get to leave the island alive.

Told from the perspective of multiple people on the island, this thriller has a promising start and premise. Each guest supposedly has a motive for the murder that happens on the night of the wedding. The everchanging perspectives and time shifts from earlier in the weekend to the time of the murder work well in building suspense towards the uncovering of events leading to this.

However, the lack of resolution at the end is my main issue with this book. After lots of increasing tension and withholding of information, the ending is left somewhat flat and without any real clarity on how this is resolved. There are a lot of unanswered questions:
– A wrongful arrest?
– Will the marriages survive?
– Will other people’s secrets still be revealed?

Or does everyone leave the island as normal like this event did not even happen? That’s how it seems as everyone leaves to head back to their lives.

I thought this book had so much potential to be an excellent thriller. Unfortunately, the rush to the finish line at the end left me unsatisfied. For the most part, I enjoyed reading this book. The characters were interesting, and the setting was the perfect backdrop to the events that transpired. However, the hurry to the murder and the tenuous links between far too many of the characters left me disappointed after so much promise throughout. As I said in my title – did the groom even look at the invite list?

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